Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public,How to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

*Keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others to reduce the risk of infection when others cough, sneeze or talk. When indoors, keep a greater distance from others. The farther the distance, the better.

*Make wearing a mask a normal part of being around others.

The following is the basic knowledge of wearing a mask:

(1) When do I need to wear a mask?
In public places (such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, gyms, etc.); take public transportation; external service jobs (such as office staff, front desk staff); hold group meetings; closed environments such as offices with many people.

(2) How to choose a mask?
In general, use disposable medical masks. Cotton masks and sponge masks are not recommended. In crowded and confined places (such as shopping malls, buses, subways, and airplanes), wear disposable medical surgical masks and replace them for 2-4 hours, and replace them immediately after contamination or humidity; for higher-risk exposed persons, For example, medical staff working in the emergency department, public health physicians conducting epidemiological investigations of close contacts, can use standard N95 medical protective masks, wear them continuously for 4 hours, and replace them immediately after contamination or humidity.

(3) How to use masks correctly?
Wash your hands before wearing the mask; the nose clip side is up and the dark side is facing out; unfold the stack and fix the mask on the face with your hands to cover the mouth, nose, and chin; pull the ear straps behind the ears and adjust The tightness of the ear straps, under the premise of not causing head and face discomfort, the straps should be pulled to the tightest; place the tips of your fingers along the metal sheet of the bridge of the nose, slowly pressing inward from the center to the sides, until it is close to the bridge of the nose; Adjust the mask appropriately so that the periphery of the mask fully fits the face.

During the epidemic, we still stick to our posts. The administrative department disinfects the office every day. Everyone Wearing a mask to work everyday. Bridge team sent free masks to the friend in need. During February, we sent over than 100000 masks to our customers.
If you and your family need masks, please contact our customer service and provide address information , we will send them to you for free at once.


Post time: Oct-19-2020